Job Opportunities

There is currently 1 position available at the San Mateo County Historical Association.

Position: Project Researcher


Under the supervision of the San Mateo County Historical Association’s (SMCHA’s) Deputy Director and Curator, the Project Researcher will be responsible for creating a furnishing plan for the interior of the Sanchez Adobe at 1000 Linda Mar Boulevard in Pacifica.  Construction of the house was completed in 1846.  Although the historic house has been operated by the San Mateo County Historical Association since 1979, it has never had a furnishing plan formulated.  It is now the desire of the Association to capture the house’s downstairs as it appeared before the California Gold Rush (1846-1848) and recreate the upstairs to depict the Adobe’s interior from Gold Rush times, through the death of Francisco Sanchez (1849-1862).  Assisting the project as a resource on historical matters will be the Association’s President.  An outside consultant, who has completed furnishing plans previously, will be engaged to help guide the project.  The furnishing plan ought to allow future visitors the ability to experience aspects of the life and times of Francisco Sanchez and his family.  The plan ought to:

  1. List furnishings
  2. Suggest placement
  3. Identify sources for obtaining furnishings, including but not limited to:
  1. Pieces in the collection of the SMCHA
  2. Historical pieces to purchase, borrow, have donated, etc.

a. An important step will be to connect with California Parks Department about the possibility of borrowing items

b. Knowledge of the “China Trade” will be necessary

  1. Find fabricators for recreations
  2. Find facsimile pieces already manufactured
  1. Recommend appropriate floor, wall and possibly ceiling treatments
  2. Research plan ought to include
  1. Key readings, including but not limited to:

a. Cooper-Molera Adobe Study

b. Diaz Sala and Bedroom Notes

c. The Dietz Report in SMCHA Archives

d. Francisco Sanchez’s will at County Records

e. Furnishings of Early California Homes by Amelie Kneass

  1. Online visits to similar projects
  2. Interviews and correspondence with experts in the field including those at other historic adobes in California
  3. Visits to outside research libraries to see if they have relevant information on early California families.  Visits may include and not be limited to:

a. Stanford

b. Bancroft Library

c. Monterey Mission

d. Mission Dolores

(1) Small religious items were probably in the house

  1. Review materials at SMCHA, including Jose Sanchez will

a. Translation assistance may be required, check:

(1) California mission studies group in Santa Barbara

(2) Language Department at Stanford

  1. Researching portrait of Francisco Sanchez at San Francisco City Hall
  1. Create a budget for implementing the plan


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Follow work plan organized by Project Research Supervisors
  2. Communicate with Project Consultant as needed
  3. Report plan’s progress to Project Research Supervisors
  4. Complete research tasks including, but not limited to those suggested above
  5. Initiate conversation with appropriate historic organizations about their possibly adopting “a room” or assisting with project.
  6. With input from the entire team, create the Furnishing Plan and its budget in a format ready for  implementation
  7. Assist with implementing the Furnishing Plan as time and money allow



  1. Advanced degree in History or equivalent experience in historical research.
  2. Ability to utilize primary source material for creation of furnishing plans.  Experience in compiling a furnishing plan preferred
  3. Experience as a project manager
  4. Ability to collaborate with a team to help organize the study
  5. Writing skills that adequately communicate to others
  6. Ability to locate sources for research purposes and for the actual pieces to be included in the furnishing plan
  7. Computer skills necessary to accomplish online research
  8. Ability to create spreadsheets necessary for the organization of budgets
  9. Knowledge of California History, with knowledge of San Mateo County History preferred


$20 to $30 per hour, commensurate with the candidate’s level of education and experience.



The project has a budget that will allow for approximately 500 hours for creation of the furnishing plan.  The candidate can work the hours of his/her choosing.  The project must be completed by September of 2019.  Additional hours may be available to help with the implementation of the plan.  Implementation will be completed by September 2020.


Place of Work:

The candidate can work from home, or a suitable office space will be made available at the SMCHA.  Candidate must also be able to attend meetings at the San Mateo County History Museum in downtown Redwood City or the Sanchez Adobe in Pacifica as deemed necessary.


To apply, please e-mail your cover letter, resume and writing sample to Carmen Blair:  Include the job title plus your name in the subject line.   No calls or walk-ins, please.